Management of Test Oil: Recapture and Reuse (2023 AMOP Technical Paper) (PDF)

Ohmsett Overview: Recent Activities and Future Plans (2022 Clean Gulf Presentation) (PDF)

Equipment Testing in Ice-Infested Waters; Recent Experience and Lessons Learned (2022 Interspill Presentation) (PDF)

Ohmsett Wastewater Treatment and Response to High Volumes of Cement Runoff (2022 AMOP Technical Paper) (PDF)

Oil Spill Testing in Ice-Infested Waters and Implications for Inland Waterway Response (2022 Clean Waterways Presentation) (PDF)

Dispersant Effectiveness (2021 Clean Gulf Presentation) (PDF)

Advances in Sorbent Testing (2021 Clean Gulf Presentation) (PDF)

Design, Fabrication, Installation and Performance of a Water Spray Wave Tank Containment System (2021 Clean Gulf Presentation) (PDF)

Properties, Fate, and Behavior of Spilled Oil (2021 Northwest Oil Spill Control Course) (PDF)

Application of the Field Scale Test Protocol for Type I Sorbents Recovering Oil on Water (2021 AMOP Technical Paper) (PDF)

Ohmsett: Overview, Recent Activities, and Future Plans (API Spill Advisory Group 2021) (PDF)

Ohmsett: The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility (API Oil Spill Emergency Preparedness and Response Sub-committee 2021) (PDF)

Training the Next Generation of Spill Responders (2020 Clean Waterways Presentation) (PDF)

Ohmsett Capabilities for Modeling and Performance Testing (2020 Blue Tech Virtual Expo Presentation) (YouTube)

Evaluating Cutting Edge Technologies (SCAA Presentation 2020) (PDF)

Clean waterways presentation


Clean waterways presentation