Marine Energy and Technology for the Blue Economy

Ohmsett is a venue for innovation and technology assessment for marine energy systems and technology for the blue economy. In a relatively controlled repeatable outdoor test environment, developers have access to expertise and tools for scaling new or existing technology and validating engineering expectations under varying flow, position, and load conditions. We can assist in testing for maximum results in survivability, autonomous operation, maneuverability, and sensor integration.

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Wave energy device in the Ohmsett tank

Two men examining equipment in Ohmsett tank

In support of wind farm development, Ohmsett can test technology to include equipment to monitor subsea and surface conditions (i.e., UUV, AUV, sensor, etc.) and environmental mitigation techniques (i.e., dielectric spill detection and removal).

The 203-meter-long test tank is filled with 10 million liters of saltwater and is equipped with three movable bridges with tow speeds of up to 6 knots, programmable to 1/100th knot increments to simulate ocean current flow.

The wave generating capabilities include programmable amplitude, frequency, and wavelength, creating random waves that closely approximate waves in the ocean and waves designed to break at specific locations within the tank.  The facility has computerized data collection from various sensors and cameras for synthesis and analysis.

Support facilities include a workshop that provides a complete range of materials, fabrication, and welding services to support testing. We can lift various devices with the availability of a 75-ton crane and an onsite deck crane that can lift up to 1500 pounds with a 42-foot reach. A vast amount of indoor and outdoor workspaces can be found at Ohmsett to prepare and modify test equipment. There is an on-site chemistry laboratory and a complete meteorological station for continuous weather measurements.


Member of the TEAMER Facility Network

Ohmsett is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy-supported Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research (TEAMER) Program. The TEAMER Program is dedicated to facilitating marine energy technology innovation and drives commercialization through research, funding, and providing access to U.S.-based testing facilities.

As a member of the TEAMER Facility Network, Ohmsett collaborates with marine energy developers through testing and evaluation of surface wave energy converters, subsurface wave energy converters, surface current converters and near-shore tidal wash converters at-scale, as well as technology used for the Blue Economy.



Wave Making Capabilities

  • Programmable amplitude, frequency, and wavelength
  • Wave spectrum capable
  • Wave height range: 5cm to 76cm
  • Wave period range: 1.3 to 5.5 seconds (Combinations of these parameters follow a sliding scale dictated by the mechanical limits of the wave generator. Spectral forms result from reflected energy and are transient.)
  • Wave damping beach system


Sensors & Instrumentation

  • Wave height altimeters
  • Wave height - capacitance probes
  • Pressure transducers
  • Acoustic ranging
  • Acoustic doppler velocimeter
  • Load and strain gauges
  • Torquemeter
Waves coming out of wavemaker