Oil Spill Response Strategies & Tactics Training

Confidence comes from knowing response personnel can handle just about anything that happens during a spill. The Oil Spill Strategies and Tactics course is designed to assist oil spill personnel with developing the decision-making skills necessary to make quick and informed decisions during oil spill incidents. and provide hands-on spill response equipment handling and oil recovery training using full-scale equipment with real oil on the Ohmsett test tank.


Classroom instruction involves a detailed review of oil spill fundamentals and the actual implementation of theories during a spill response. Through outside exercises on the Ohmsett tank, students deploy and operate boom and skimmers to contain and recover the oil. Field activities include an introduction to SCAT with a shoreline exercise at nearby Sandy Hook Beach (weather permitting).


Lowering equipment into Ohmsett tank

Training equpment in the Ohmsett tank

This three-and-a-half-day training covers topics such as:


  • Fates & effects of spilled oil
  • Oil skimmer & containment boom selection & use
  • Booming & recovery strategies
  • Factors affecting oil spill movement
  • Site safety planning
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Dispersants
  • River & tidal inlets strategies
  • Alternative response techniques

The program incorporates over eight hours of safety topics (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120) relative to emergency responders involved in an oil spill incident. It is a field-oriented course and is presented in non-technical language. A reference text complimented by other appropriate materials including the ICS and IMH forms, are provided during the course.


Instruction is provided by Texas A&M University National Spill Control School (NSCS). Ohmsett staff provides professional training services to support the hands-on portion of the training.


For more information on the Oil Spill Strategies and Tactics Training, contact:


Texas A&M National Spill Control School

Keith Muhlestein


Phone: 361-825-3335